Mossel Bay Municipality strives to maintain its excellent record of service delivery.   One of the most frustrating situations can be to call the municipality with a problem, only to have to hold on for what seems to be an eternity or to be shifted from pillar to post.  For the benefit of residents, the call centres at this stage do not use pre-recorded messages.  This is to save the person calling money.  As soon as a recorded message is activated, the caller starts paying.


The municipality, however, requests callers to be patient when calling.  When high call volumes are experienced it may seem as it telep0hone calls are not being answered.  This is because of the number of incoming lines.  Calls are automatically placed in a queue and will be answered as soon as an operator has finished a call.  During this time a ringing sound – similar to that when someone is not answering – is heard.  Note that when you hear this sound, you are not being charged for the call. Should your call not be answered, and the nature of your call is not an emergency, consider using any of the alternative methods of bringing matter to the attention of the municipality.                    

 The following numbers are useful during office hours:                                                 

  • Switchboard 044 606 5000
  • Electricity 044 606 5082
  • Roads and Storm water 044 606 5073
  • Water and Sewerage 044 606 5282
  • Town Planning 044 606 5073
  • Financial Services 044 606 5009
  • Supply Chain Management 044 606 5192
  • Fire and Disaster Management 044 691 3722

After Hours

  • 044 606 5000 – For service delivery issues, for example when the electricity is interrupted or a water supply issue is experienced.
  • 044 606 5107 – For an emergency where the municipal emergency services are required.


Residents may also email to lodge complaints or concerns.  Send an email to and, where possible, add a photo or supporting documentation.

All emails are logged on a system to ensure the problems are attended to and residents will receive a reference number. Please use the reference number in follow-up communication, should it be necessary.

Do visit  Several drop-down tabs on this page will also navigate residents to online help.

The municipality has an SMS number, through which problems may be listed.

This number is 44802. Unfortunately, SMS messages by nature are limited to only a few characters and do not allow for supporting photos or documents to be sent.