Following the announcement by the President on 23 March 2020, the construction works on the R102 and DR1578 will stop on Thursday 26 March 2020.

Logistically this is a challenge but in the interest of safety and the fact that no personnel may be on site, the Project Management and Western Cape Government have no other alternative but to introduce the following measures.

R102 – Monte Christo intersection to Riverside
This section will unfortunately have to be closed as the surfacing has not been completed on the approaches to the bridge at Little Brak River. Access will be given to residents living along this section of road.

R102 – Riverside to N2 and towards Botlierskop
This section will be opened to two way traffic

R102 – N2 exit at Little Brak River including Impala road intersection at Fraaiuitsig and through to Tergniet
This section of road will be opened to two way traffic

R102 – DR1578 intersection at Tergniet to Souwesia Road (De Vette Mossel turnoff)
This section of road will be closed completely as the final layer work is still under construction and cannot accommodate traffic. Access will be given to Tuscan Dunes, Toekoms and Seegenot but will be limited either in an easterly or westerly direction. There will be signage in place to inform in which direction access will be facilitated.

R102 – Souwesia Road (De Vette Mossel) to the traffic circle at De Dekke in Great Brak River
This section of road will be open to two way traffic.

R102 – Traffic circle at De Dekke towards Great Brak River Bridge
This section will be open to two way traffic. However as surfacing has already proceeded on the widening of this section, the usable width of road is restricted and must be used with extreme caution.

DR1578 – Tergniet intersection at R102 through Sandhoogte intersection through the industrial areas to the Freimersheim Road intersection
This section of road will be opened to two way traffic. Traffic will be accommodated on sections of road that have been surfaced and sections where road is still a gravel surface. 

A Traffic Management Officer is an essential service and will be on duty throughout the lockdown period to maintain all temporary signage placed to assist motorists and to report any incidents that may occur.

The Project Management team appeals to all motorists using the roads through the construction areas to exercise caution. The public will also be informed if there are any further developments during the lockdown period.

The following persons can be contacted if any incidences or activities need to be reported.

Contact numbers
Bramwin Rollison Traffic Safety Officer 071 854 8071
Jaco Mey General Foreman (Contractor) 082 465 0900
JB Ayakannoo Site Agent (Contractor) 082 458 7442
Niël Burger Contracts Manager (Contractor) 082 498 8068
Paul Laubscher Resident Engineer (Consultant) 082 303 3919

Alternate if none is reachable:
1. Paul De Villiers Traffic Control Director 083 303 3517
2. Keenan Coleman Traffic Control Manager 083 557 5343